Bluebird Education Program

Opportunity for students to get one year of Bluebird Pro for free

If you are a student but you cannot afford Bluebird, please email us at [email protected] (subject: Bluebird Education Program), and we will see if we can qualify you for a free year of Bluebird Pro.

Please include the following information (in English if possible, but any language is fine):

  • Any documents that prove your current student status (unnecessary if the email is sent from a .edu or .ac address)
  • What is the name of your school?
  • Which pro features do you need to use?
  • How did you discover Bluebird? (optional, but details like keywords or links would be highly appreciated)
  • What makes you prefer using Bluebird over other apps? (optional)
  • What can we do to make Bluebird better for you? (optional)


  • You must be currently enrolled in a high school, college, university or similar educational institution.
  • Your application does not guarantee a free year of Bluebird Pro. However, if all the required information is provided, you will have a good chance of approval.
  • Your application may take a week or more to process, so please be patient.
  • We are unable to offer lifetime student discounts due to technical limitations.
  • We assure you that all information you provide will be kept secret and only used for this program.