Automation Guide

With automation, you can have Bluebird trigger Siri Shortcuts automatically when the state (focusing/relaxing) of its focus timer changes.

A Simple Example

To make Bluebird turn on “Do Not Disturb” when a focus session starts and turn it off when the session is over:

  1. Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone.
  2. Create a shortcut named “Turn On Focus Mode”.
  3. Add a “Set Focus” action, and configure it as follows: Turn On Focus Mode
  4. Create another shortcut named “Turn Off Focus Mode” in a similar way: Turn Off Focus Mode
  5. Go back to Bluebird’s automation settings and fill in the names of the shortcuts you just created: Bluebird’s automation settings

Other Common Usages

  • Play different types of music depending on the current state.
  • Change the color of the lighting depending on the current state.